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Paul Waldron's Story

as told by Marinelle Waldron (Wife)
Oct' 2008 -

I said, “Hi Honey I'm home, give the dog a bone." Paul replied, “Come here quick. There is something on the news I want you to see." I then asked “Is it Marianna?"

"How did you know?”

I told him I had read it in the paper, that morning. I have known Paul for 39 years. He is my husband, lover and best friend. After all this time, I finally know what makes him tick.

When we were first going together, he told me he had been in Marianna Boys School. And, he told me that they had “whipped “him. He didn't elaborate, and tell me it was a “Beating." He didn't think I would believe him. No one else did.

Of course, being a young girl, from Indiana, I had no idea what “Marianna " was. And the “whipping” - I thought it was like his mom or my mom would administer.

In spite of the “beating “Paul has turned out to be a wonderful person. He has always been a hard working person. And he has never been violent or mean spirited, with his family. He does know how to say “I love you."

Since Marianna, Paul has developed arthritis in his lower back (from the beating). Plus he has never really trusted anyone. He got his 70 - 75 lashes, for something he didn't do. Most of the “boys “know that feeling.

The education that Paul received from the State of Florida is “piss poor.” He was given a book and told to copy it. And to think, he was sent there because he wouldn't go to school! He didn't finish high school. He has taught himself. Everyday I marvel at his intellect. There is no doubt in my mind - if there had been a (school) " gifted " program, in the 50's or the 60's, he would have been in that program.

Paul was one of the lucky ones, he “survived” the white house,” (there were many who did not, God bless their souls.) Paul is a" survivor” He lost his father when he was eight years old. (He survived). He survived the "White House” when he was twelve - thirteen years old. He survived cancer when he was thirty-five years old. He survived a heart attack when he was forty-five years old. He is still fighting severe heart problems.

For fifty years, Paul has “blocked - out “the nightmare called “Marianna and The White House." Now it is haunting him again. It is now my nightmare. I fight tears everyday when I think about what has happened to my husband, and the other “White House Boys."

To the State of Florida - you owe the "White House Boys " a huge apology. Their only crime for 99.9 % of the boys, they were born poor and or orphaned. They did not deserve this kind of treatment. Where did the State of Florida find so many sadistic, mean, evil, perverted people, to “care” for, and “teach” these young children? Shame on you!!

THEY HAVE EARNED THE RIGHT TO BE HEARD!! " This is dedicated to the love of my life, thanks for being you.

Marinelle Waldron