The Michael Tucker Story

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After I talked with you the other morning I have not quite gotten over the shock of the reality of that time I thought I had put away. The memories that flooded back were almost over whelming. Talking to you and Roger and reading the stories you guys have posted have kept me awake every night trying to put my memories in order. Excepting the fact that it really happen to me and there is a possible ending has given me hope and dread. There were so many years that experience dictated my life.

I left the states when I was 17 and went to Puerto Rico to work because I was afraid if I did something wrong I would be sent back to another place like that. I worked overseas until I was 21 before the fear let up and I could begin my life again. I am looking forward to an ending.

I will put together my experience in the next couple of weeks and send it you to use were ever it will help. I am a construction manager and I will be through with the project I am on in 2 to 3 weeks and then I am taking some time off. I will be more than happy to help with this project however I can. I am the one that was beaten for the patty of butter. I am also the one who had to hold little 12 yr.old kids down while they beat them. They were the worst of the nightmares.

Thank all of you who have fought so long on this. I was there from April to Dec 1960

Michael (chin)Tucker