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Samuel Weese

I was born 12-03-1946—so I am now 63.

I arrived at Mariana (Florida State Boy’s School), about 1963. I don’t remember what Unit I was in. I do remember that the cottage father had a new Falcon car, and some boys stole it and ran away. I do not know if they ever got caught!!!

I do remember Tidwell and Williams. I worked in the mechanic shop. While there, two boys got hurt really bad putting the tire on a bus. The ring came off and they were near death for two weeks.

Yes, I do remember The White House. I was taken there three times. Tidwell and Williams had the pleasure of beating me! I counted up to twenty five hits, one time. The Other times I did not count! I just did what I had to do!!! Yes, I remember the pillow; some of that blood was mine!!!

I heard of this coming out Saturday, Dec. 13, 2008. I had a very hard time, bringing the memories up; I had tried to forget, it was so hard for me. Containing my emotions all day Sunday at Church, I begged God to help me! I even asked the Church to pray with me for the ones left behind.

Yes, I ran away from there three times. God must have been with me the last time, I did not return!!

My life at times has been a living HELL!!! Yes, I would have liked to rip out their hearts, and a few other things, out of them.

I went to Michigan State Prison, and like others have said, it was a piece of cake compared to Mariana Boys School. Even Florida State Prison was a cake walk!!

I had told my wife and two sons and daughter, I was in Mariana. And I told them I ran away, but, till now, they never knew of the beatings and the horror that we children were put through. Those so called care takers beating the hell out of us!!!

I do remember a boy; I do not recall his name, having been beaten so bad that his clothes were matted in his flesh. I think that he said it was around 84 or 86 lashes. God Bless him and all the others that suffered from the hand of these men. I only wish I could see them in hell!!! To see them burn!! There are others things I care not to put on paper at this time!!

I do Thank God for the Five White House Boys that came forward and stand before the world as they have done!!

I have been in bar fights which I really did enjoy, just because I could fight back!! I may have gotten my ass kicked by five of them one night, but, I had a chance to fight back!!

I have been married to my wife for 41 years. My two sons and I have two plumbing company’s and a hardware store. We also have heavy equipment with which we clear land, and dump trucks.

I have been in Texas now for thirty three years. I have been doing plumbing work for 42 years. I have a very dear friend, who helped me learn the trade. He now lives in Ocala, Fl. I thank God for this man and his wife who helped me.

Much like all the others that were in that hell hole of a place, I can not sit still! I cannot concentrate on any one thing. I still cannot imagine how any one of these people could be care takers, and be allowed to do this to us.

Once I got in trouble because of a boy said I had sex in the rest room at night. This was because he did not like me!! This was beating # 2.

They put me in the hole for eighteen days because my mother can by to see me one day about dark. But, first Williams and another man drove me to the white house to drill me about who was going to run away. In my weakness, I told on boys that had no idea of running away.

I did this just to save my ass!!

There is more, much more, I do not wish to tell at this time!! Hoping only God will know!!

God Bless All,

Samuel Weese abbplumbing@yahoo.com