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If being beaten, molested and in some cases killed were not enough; there were times when we boys were turn upon by our own kind. This was the case involving myself, a young boy of ten from St. Augustine, Florida.

If a cottage did not have any violations or “runaways” for an entire month; their cottage would be taken to downtown Marianna to see a movie at the local theater. This was without a doubt a very special treat. On the 29th day, I decided to run; which caused his cottage to lose their movie privileges.

After being hunted down by inmates and hounds, brought in from Raiford prison, I was returned to my cottage. About twenty of my peers were brought into the small play area and told to deal with me as they wished. The supervisors left the room and watched through the window. They knocked me to the floor and began kicking me with their brogan boots as hard as they could. For more than ten minutes the cottage fathers stood outside allowing the boys to kick me as I lay on the floor screaming for help. As I lay there almost lifeless, the guards stopped the beating. I slowly crawled over to the cottage father, grabbed his leg and begged him to save me. With blood all over his pants leg; the man shook me lose and told me to remember the beating and to let that be a good lesson.

Yes, I have to admit that there were some boys at the FSB School who were very bad characters. There were some who would take advantage of others. Bullying and the taking other boys’ candy, canteen and other goodies from home was not an unusual happening. There were a few who had been treated cruelly by their parents before coming to Marianna and cruelty was all they had ever known. That being all they owned in their hearts; they were out to share that hatred with the world.