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Phillip Martin

I went to the White House, suffered and bled there. I was sent to Marianna, Florida Industrial for Boys, two times and went “down” ten times. Mr. Tidwell (had one arm) Mr. Miller, Mr. Crockett and possibly the man Hatton you spoke of also beat me. One time I was going “down” and my younger brother was looking out the kitchen window. He yelled “Be strong brother.”

I was there about one and a half years and the second time for about a month.

I actually graduated from High School from there and Mr. Crockett took me to Gainesville to try and enroll me in college.

I got beat when I ran away. It took more than six weeks for the healing to take place. I got beat another time for not getting out of the pool fast enough and for not getting off the diving board in time. I was beaten while all wet from the pool and still in my bathing suite. I weighed only one hundred pounds and I was a bloody mess after the beating.

Please get the word out about what happened to us at Marianna. This nightmare and that leather strap, three quarters of an inch thick, are still striking me in my mind, even today.

Phillip Martin sm_dt@yahoo.com