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Philip Marchesani

My name is Philip Marchesani and I reside in New Jersey. In 1967-1968 I was sent to the Florida School for boys. I spent approximately 1 year more or less there. They say the beating stopped in 1967 which was a lie. I ran from there 2 times and was beaten by the guards in the woods. We were made to fight each other in the shower rooms where the guards would bet to see who would win. There was also sexual abuse there of which I witnessed.

At one time I did not ask to do something and my head was bashed into a bench by one of the guards. You had to be damn near dead to see the doctor. If you did something minor you would get beat for it. I was also at another institution located in Okeechobee Florida (Okeechobee School for boys). We were also beaten there. I was starting to grow whiskers and they would pull them out with a pair of pliers. They would also line us up in the winter time and wet us down. There was also beatings and sexual abuse there. I remember we had a riot between 2 cottages in the kitchen where the guard beat one boy so badly with his fist. His name was Mr. Carter. He became a police officer for the Okeechobee Police Department. He was an extremely cruel man. He seemed to enjoy beating young boys. I remember one young man wet the bed and they humiliated him and put him on the basketball court and with a garden hose made him take a bath with a garden hose. I remember when we took a shower if we made noise we would get beat with a garden hose when we came out. Marching in line to the cafeteria if we marched out of step we were beat. If we did not get up on time the bed was flipped over on us. We were not allowed pillows because it was considered a luxury in our cottage. On Saturdays we did our GI cleaning and we were made to take out the beds, put them on the basketball court and we than did the GI clean. If we did not finish on time we were beat. They were like Nazi concentration camps. When we played against other schools in games if we lost we were beat. I remember working in the kitchen and they would urinate and spit in the food. I witnessed this with my own eyes.

There are more things but I think this gives you a good idea of the various types of abuse. I hope you can have these institutions closed and these men prosecuted for what they have done. NO child should go thru this suffering no matter what.

Thank you,

Philip Marchesani