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Patrick Hogan

Ahh yes the memories of FSB in 65 when I was 15. I remember it well. My name is Patrick Hogan and I was sent there by Judge Yergie (Orange County) with my best friend and we’re still friends to this day. We were not innocent though of juvenile delinquent misdeeds in the middle 60’s but not even nearly as bad as what you hear about today.

I was assigned to Monroe cottage, the big boys cottage, and my friend was assigned to Adams cottage. I was there during integration of whites from South campus to the blacks in North campus during the second half of my nine months there. Most of my time was uneventful because I stayed away from trouble but I saw some inmates beatings amongst the bigger boys and the weaker ones and I’ll never forget the brogue kicking’s (broque’s were the work boots you wore while there) the loser got it in the head and body from all the inmates when the winner was finished with him. The cottage father was never around during these encounters as he was typically hanging out in his upstairs apartment of the cottage. I would wake up nights and see some weaker boy getting raped by an aggressive bigger boy in the dormitory many times.

My time was uneventful until I decided to run away. The first time I ran and got caught and I got 30 days in detention and busted to Grub from Pioneer. When you first went in Marianna you were classified as Pioneer and the game was to work your way up in ranks before being considered for release. There was a detention facility there where you were in a single room with only a bed, bible and a trash can to urinate and crap in. Each day someone would let you wash that plastic trash can out though. The rule was that if you were a Grub you do not get to have visitors such as your parents until you reached Pioneer again.

The second time I ran away I got caught in the town of Altha. I always travelled the railroad tracks both times when I ran away. I was told the locals got paid to turn you in if they saw you. That time I had to face Tidwell but he was not the one who beat me. I always heard Tidwell was the meanest at beatings even though he only had one arm. I had to go to the White House and get beat by Mr. White who was the only other man besides Tidwell to beat people. Mr. White was still renowned for severe beatings though.

There were several type razor straps for different punishments. Running away deserved the widest strap of them all. It was about 4 inches in width of leather on both sides with a metal center. I already knew from being told buy my cottage boys that you never yell or move when being beat because it would mean longer beatings if you did. I tried my best to withstand the strokes to no avail and I didn’t keep count but it had to be hundreds of strokes on my butt and legs. Each stroke Mr. White and he was a very big man would jump off the ground to come down on you with that strap. I dared not move but I did anyway and then the boys from the kitchen which was located close by the White House were called in to hold me down until he was finished.

Afterward I was driven back to the cottage and was told to hit the showers by the cottage father. My cottage friends had to peal my underwear off my butt because it was literally embedded into my skin and bleeding like hell. I saw their faces and they just cringed when they saw it. Since I was then again a Grub I wasn’t to have visits from my parents until a month later and even then my butt and legs were still black from the bruising. I remember my dad saying that was considered light punishment compared to what he heard in reform schools back in his day in Maryland. Since I was 15 then I thought I was tough but I couldn’t help but think about the little kids in the Washington cottage across from Monroe on the South campus getting beat as bad as I got. I think if I was as little as they were I’d be dead too from the beating of a lifetime.