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Mike Martin

Dear Mr. Kiser

You can’t imagine my shock when CBS ran the story of Marianna for Boys and the white house.

My two brothers and I were part of the unfortunate group of boys that not only experienced the trauma of the white house, but also the lost teenage years of the mid 60’s.

Larry my oldest brother was placed in the institution in 1963 and was later sent to Raiford prison (at the ripe age of 16) for trying to kill a staff member as he tried to escape.

Phillip was sent twice to the home, went down 14 times and can still remember the names, size and words mentioned during his beatings. His trips to the white house were known to be the most of any youth during the 1964-1967 periods.

I was sent in the fall of 1965 and was released by the “must list period” of 18 months. Although I only went down once, I experienced watching many other boys going down due to my working at the kitchen. The most memorable to me was watching my brother Phillip being led down the side walk and thru the door by the one arm tyrant Mr. Tidwell.

There is so much to talk about, so much to try to suppress, but that is not now possible with those pictures of the interior and exterior of the white house so vivid in our minds. After 46 years I have cried once again, as does my living brother Phillip.

The story does need to be told, not just so justice can be served, but that we can try and ease the emotional pain that does still exist.

Please make an effort to contact the Martin brothers in Ohio, there are only a few of us that have lived or willing to talk about the youth and innocents robbed from us.

Warm Regards,

Mike Martin resoi46l@verizon.net