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Michael Gabriel

NOTE: Through our own investigation we have learned that Patrick Timothy Gabriel was actually killed while incarcerated at Oakachobee. He was released from The Florida School for Boys at Marianna on in April of 1965 and returned to Coco Beach, Florida. Later he was sentenced to The Florida School for Boys at Oakachobee and was shot and killed during an escape.

I am writing to you regarding the death of my brother "Timothy or Tim Gabriel" in Sept or October 1965 at Marianna.

In 1965 my Brother and a Friend were arrested in Brevard County, Florida and the system sent my brother to the Marianna Boys Home for an 18 mo sentence or so. This was for a minor violation of taking a small boat from a resident's dock and joyriding in it. While the other Boy, whom actually took the boat was let off and my brother was sent to Marianna.

After about a year or more there, all seemed Okay, except these stories about the "White House" and the vicious beatings he and a lot of other kids were getting there. I know this as a personal fact, as me and my family visited him shortly before his death, as he was scheduled to get out in a few months and all seemed well, except for the viciousness, sexual abuse and terrible beatings by the Guards in the "Whitehouse. I shall never forget the Stories that he told me and the horrors those poor young boys suffered through; where, finally today, we find out that this was Endemic there and the place should have been closed years before and all the abusive staff prosecuted for rape, torture and even murder, under the guise of Florida Law Enforcement and their corrupt and heinous detention programs throughout the State!

As the story goes on My Mother was informed from the Administration at Marianna, that my Brother "Timmy" had escaped and entered a ladies house outside the prison from which she discovered him and she says he had come at her with a kitchen knife, so she pulled out a small caliber pistol such as a derringer and shot him in a place perfectly between the eyes and killed him. (Official version covered up by the authorities). At over 20 paces with a small handgun; how can that be? Was she an 80 year old marksman? Yeah..................Right!

I and my Family knew my brother well and had just visited him there a few months before and he was happy to be leaving soon, was studying some Dentistry there and looked forward to coming home again. Most of all he was not the "Violent Type" but a peaceful person as we know him better than anyone and he was a decent, God fearing, and bright, Honest Brother, whom would give you the shirt off his back, if you needed it! So, when we received the news and received his body for burial there in Brevard; after looking over his body we noticed many scars and swelling of some members of his torso. My Mother was shocked and we reckoned he was murdered in the "White House" tortured, sexually abused and more than likely murdered there.

How his body ended up in a farm house near the Prison, whom was occupied by an Old Lady (The supposed Shooter) looked out of place. So my Mother hired a special Detective to go up there and research the case. Need I say that after being stonewalled the FDLE for a few years and the Corrections Department, we dropped the case but never pursued it to the end as this was futile against the Corrupt Bureaucratic System of the Florida Corrections Department!

The Gist of this story is the woman that supposedly shot him defending her own life? Was one of the Guard's at Marianna's MOTHER? Hmmmm, awful suspicious and our Private Detective did not believe a word of what they told him as all the ends didn't meet up and the Story sounded very stereotyped and deceitful. Because of lack of more evidence or funds, my Mother withdrew her Investigation. Maybe any witnesses or knower of the "Real Story" may have been murdered also to cover up the fact, that my brother was murdered in "Cold Blood" as my brother was well liked there and wherever he went!

I bring this up to you as I believe a lot of the loved ones lost there were brutally murdered as my brother had confessed to me, he was afraid for his life and some Boys he knew simply disappeared, not to be seen again?

If anyone out there can help me to find out anymore about my Brother "Timmy Gabriel" I would like to join them in a Class Action Suit against the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the State Judicial System and the Department of Corrections, especially. He was killed in Oct 1965 and was near to getting out. As none of that made sense at all. The last time I spoke personally to him there in Marianna, a few months before his death!

Please feel free to contact me anytime at my email address listed below:

"May God Bless all those poor underprivileged Children that suffered and died at the Hands of these "Murderers, sponsored by the State of Florida with Immunity till NOW. Let's find out the real story of our Lost Loved ones and all the rest that endured such Horrible Concentration Camp abuse and indecencies.