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Mr. Kiser,

I found your comment after doing a little research into what my father refers to as "the boy's home in Marianna". My father has spoken of a beating he received while he was there in the late 1950's. I have not read your comment to my dad, but I was chilled to the bone as my father has even said the name, (KNOWN OFFICIAL TO BE NAMED AT A LATER TIME) when referring to the man. The details of my dad's experience are very much like your own, so much so it gave me goosebumps. Because my dad has always been a wonderful father, very generous, loving, and understanding I as an adult have never been able to fully comprehend the hell and torture he endured at Marianna. I also doubt many people can understand the horrors that these young boys such as my father experienced. I applaude you for sharing your experience, and have often encouraged my father to do the same. NO child should EVER be treated in that manner!