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Dear Roger,

My family moved to Compass Lake in the 70's when I was a very young girl. We drove by the "Boys school" every time on our way to Marianna. The first time I saw it, I was told it was a school for very bad boys from around the State. It was strange that no one ever talked about the school, as if we were supposed to ignore its presence. We moved a few years later. Then my mom moved back several years later to Compass Lake.

It is horrific what occurred. It even sits on a busy street. However, I am not surprised.

I know you've had a fight to get this story out. Probably would have never surfaced it there wasn't a new sheriff in town. When the Commentator asked you this morning about why this story is just getting out I just chuckled, thinking that she has no clue about the ways of Jackson County, Florida; which is why I hope someone lets you dig those graves soon or else there might not be anything left to find.

Please keep telling people in your movies about this terrible incident. I hope they can really portray Jackson County citizens properly so outsiders can understand why this could happen, and for so long.

Kindest regards,

Kim kimwatford@centurytel.net