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Randolph Johnson

Dear Roger

My Name Is Randolph Johnson nick name "Randy." Just today I was looking at a map of Florida, having to do with my business , I suddenly ran across the town of Marianna and in that moment all these memories came flooding in about my confinement in Marianna and the abuse that still lingers in the far corners of my 69 year old mind.

Suddenly I was in the white house, I saw the metal bed that had at one time been painted white so typical of white southern folk to paint things white. Only the bars were worn to the metal from all the hands that had held on for dear life, I could smell the odor of damp cement and mildewed mattress, the dirty pillow with blood spots from boys that bit so hard to endure the pain that was being forced on their young tender bodies , how searing that pain was, you can never forget it.

I went to my computer to see if the school was still in existence and found your group and began to read all of the story's including yours, Roger. My tale is similar to all who have experienced this terrifying journey. I was placed there June or July of 1954 until April of 1955 about 9 months, back on the streets for 4 months, returned Sept 1955 until July 1956 10 months.

In this time frame I was sent 4 times to the white house. By the way how did you get the photo of the man with the whip? ,that's the whip! I will never forgot the shape of it, they keep it under the pillow. The man that beat me on all those four times, his name was (KNOWN OFFICIAL TO BE NAMED AT A LATER TIME) . I'm having a big anxiety attack to many memories hammering me at this moment .I will write more later I'm sending you photos of myself now and then at the school. Thank you for taking about this. I'm only now realizing all this was really happening to so many boys and now its a collective memory. Its been in my head for so long.

Thank you again Randy