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John King

Before you came on TV the other morning I thought to my self, yea right, what do these guys know about Reform School Abuse, huh I can tell tell them a story or two! And then up came the picture [ The White House ] oh my God thatís it, Marianna. Goose Bumps, a cold shiver down my spine, the cheeks of my ass tightened as though the next blow was on the way, tick the ceiling, blam, the concision of the leather strap upon me! I still canít believe what I was seeing, for just two weeks ago I and a friend were on Google Earth and found Marianna, zoomed in, but it was way different, I thought I found the White House but was not sure !

Any how, I was there and I am a White House Boy! My name is John Russell King born in Mansfield Ohio, August 16 1948, moved to Florida in 1958 with my parents and little sister, staying in Ohio were my older sister and brother.

At 12 and 13 I started getting in trouble, skipping school, breaking and entering, stealing paper racks, even a couple cars, we were living in the small town of Hudson Florida, both parents worked at the tourist attraction Weeki Wachee Springs, I was bussed to school in New Port Ritchie ,after 7 times in court the judge said heíd seen enough of me and I then became a ward of the state, I entered FSB on 1/10/1963 and stayed until 2/23/1964 in Roosevelt Cottage as they called it! Worked in the Kitchen the time, I myself made it across the street to the White House 12 or 13 times, 4 of those to get beat, 9 or 10 times to Hold down those who just couldnít handle what was called a Spanking!

Thereís grown men out there right now that I know who with out a doubt couldnít take what we were given! And I do remember when a black kid Went Down and taken to the town hospital, we kitchen boys ask other blacks about him they would deliver canned eggs and other dairy products from #2side he was never heard from again, working in the kitchen you could hear every blow handed down that kid was given 80 and after they put him in the black Ford they stood around for ten minutes talking before leaving. I will write more about my time there, and I will stand by you and for all involved in this case! The Truth needs brought out, and those who did commit these crimes be punished to the maximum of the law.


John R King kingsflatx3@yahoo.com