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James Waller

My name is James (Jim) Waller, I was sent to Marianna boys school in 1945 by St. Johns County, St. Augustine Florida, for skipping school.

Arthur Dozier came there just about a year before I got released and I was beaten many times by Dozier and a man named Marino. They had the bed in the white house, it was not used when I was there as I know of we were told to bend over a metal chair and hold it and if we let go it would start all over.

It's been a long time I am now 75 yrs old and I still remember being taken to the white house and beaten, I was taken there by Sheriff L. O. Davis at St. Augustine Fla. You could not hear the beatings unless you were close to the white house because of the loud exaust fan they turned on before they whipped you.

I spent nearly 4 years there, that realy changed my life. I turned out to be a criminal all the way up until I was in my late forties, two terms in Florida Reform School, Marianna, Florida four terms in Raiford, three in Federal Prison, all because of what happened when I was only 12 yrs old. I was treated badly; I still remember crossing the cattle gap when you first come in to the school