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Send a snail mail letter to:

Elise Watson
2737 Centerview Drive Suite 3218
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-3100


Name: At that time
Date of birth
And approximate dates you were there (But not needed if you do not know.)

"Good morning,, reference to obtaining juvenille record. Florida Department Of Juvenille Records, Ms. D. Watson 2737 Centerview Dr. Tallahassee,Fl 32399 Office Phone, 850-488-1850. Direct line to Ms. Watson,850-410-0307, her fax,850-921-4159. I talked with her this morning, a very nice lady. She will need all information you can give her,full name, date of birth, where born, Social Securty number, year you were in Marianna and any information that would help track it down. Mail on a letter of request stating you are with White House Boys and there is no cost. They are trying to be as helpful as they can. A lot of records have been destoryed by old age. You need to sign a letter and all has to be notarize and mailed.