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Freddie Surber

My first time I was sent to Marianna I was 11 years old. This was in 1949. The second time was 1953. I was in Washington Cottage. I was youngest boy at the school. My first beating was with a wooden paddle about 2 ft long. I was talking about running away.

The least beating licks I ever received were 15 and then 40. I went to the ice cream factory (The White House) on 8 or more occasions. The beatings were from R.W. Hatton, Moreno, and Arthur G. Dozier. These beating came in two different imprisonments at the boy’s school. I had several run-ins with Dickson a staff member who pulled my hair out in bunches. He was known for pulling you around by your hair. On more than 6 times the cottage father, Mr. Bell forced oral sex on me and a boy named Cartwright and others I can’t recall their names.

This experience made me not trust the justice system and law enforcement officers. This mistreatment caused me to have nightmares and wakeup terrified and sweating, it is happening less frequent now that I’m older. The entire Ordeal at FBS or Marianna Reform School left me with a lot of anger and questions about the beating as to why they were so severe, unmerciful and sadistic.