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Eric Utley

Mr. Kiser, I was sent to FSB back in the early 1960's. I just heard of your accounts from a television show my wife saw the other day! I too was an alumnus of the "White House Treatment"...twice! If you would like to call me about this. I still have my release diplomas from those days. I got sent to FSB twice. I'm white, Male, and still remember the cottages I was in (Cleveland), (Madison) & (Roosevelt).

When I was there it was still; segregated. The white side was referred to as number 1-side, and the Colored side was referred to as number 2 side! Yeah they said they would take us to the White House, for some "Ice Cream", which meant: I-Scream! When I was there Mr. Hatton was the man that spanked/beat you?

I got out the second time, and didnít get into any more trouble with the police. I'm a combat Vietnam Veteran, A U.S. Army Paratrooper, served in the 173rd Airborne Brigade 1968-1968, II-Corps, Highlands, Sierra-Delta!(Search & Destroy). I was an M-16 Rifleman, and an M-79 Grenadier. Today I'm 61 yrs old, and I still remember that place with a lot of hatred!

Only today I want to run into Mr. Hatton and Mr. Sealander and give them a good shellacking.

Eric Utley, F.S.B. Bio 1962-62 & 1963-64 about the Whitehouse Abuse. I was sent to F.S.B. as we called it back then twice, by the Floridaís Juvenile Justice System. I was in F.S.B. at Marianna, Florida from June 26th, 1961 until July 31st, 1964. I was "taken Down" (to the Whitehouse), as we called it then two times, once in 1962 & once again in 1964.

I spent my 14th, 15th, and 16th birthdays in F.S.B. My first time at F.S.B., I was assigned to Cleveland Cottage. I spent 13 months in Cleveland cottage. When they took me down the first time, I remember it was still cold out, so it was one of the winter months. I donít remember the exact date or the exact offense anymore. I was in bed, when another inmate came and woke me up & told me to go see the cottage father in his office. I was a low rank then (grub) & a write up meant - the Whitehouse treatment. I was told to wait in the recreation room. I waited about 30 minutes and Mr. Robert Sealander & another man, I think his name was Mr. Williams, picked me up and two other boys on the way to the Whitehouse.

When we got there and got out of the car the ground was really cold, because we didnít have any shoes on. We walked up to the door; they unlocked it and led us down the dimly lit hallway where we were told to go sit on the bed in the room on the left. They turned the light on, and turned a big exhaust fan on, then asked who wants to be first. The one boy was older than us, and had been beaten before so he volunteered to go first, he said they would be tired from beating him, so maybe we wouldnít get it too bad. Naturally, we werenít about to debate that fact at the time with him. I didnít count the whacks, I think he got 50 or so? Then I went in next, they told me to hold onto the head rail and not let go or the count would start all over again. I only made that mistake once! I think I got 40 or so whacks? The last kid went in and I think he got about 30 or so whacks. Then we were told to go back out and sit in the backseat of the car, and they took us back to our cottages. The cold night air felt good on our behinds as they were numb from the beating we just suffered. When I got back to the cottage, I just walked up the steps, went inside into the bathroom, looked at the damage they did to me, and went to my locker & got a handkerchief, dampened it, and put in over the area where it was bloody & went to bed. The next day I changed my underwear, and washed the blood out of my handkerchief, and other pair of underwear, and left them in my locker to dry before I put them into the cottage laundry bag, the next day. I also spot cleaned my pajama bottoms, that were blood stained with soap & cold water, and hung them up in my locker to dry as well. Then you just didnít talk about it to anyone, and went on with your daily duties. The other boys knew what had happened to you, as we all showered together at night in the shower room, They all could see, that when you were black & blue, and blood spots were on your buttocks from your waist to the back of your knees, as to just what happened to you! They knew you didnít do it to yourself falling down the cottage steps.

After that night you just go someplace, in private & cry. Then you hate those people that beat you even more, than you did before. You just hope everyday that you will hear they have died, or got a dose of what ails them, but it never happens!

The second time I was "Taken-Down", to the Whitehouse, was during my second stay at F.S.B., I was assigned to Roosevelt cottages & Madison cottage. During that stay they took me from Roosevelt cottage and transferred me to Madison Cottage, I was in Madison cottage about 5 months, and then transferred back to Roosevelt cottage. This stem I was also assigned to Mr. Hutchins, Industrial Arts Crew. I liked working with wood, and everyone seemed to like Mr. Hutchins, he was a fair man. The next Whitehouse beating came about 2 months before I was to be released in 1964. The cottage father in Roosevelt cottage, Mr. Crumpler, for some reason just didnít like me. I never liked it in Roosevelt Cottage. There were too many snitches, (pukes) as we called them that would try to set you up all under the guidance of Mr. Crumpler! So since I wasnít on the good list, I always got extra work, or duties while at the cottage. Crumpler would get his Ace & Pilot (pukes) to try to entrap you in something, just so he could get you, "Taken-Down" so I had to try to be one step ahead of them, all the time. I had to watch just who I talked to all the time, and eventually wouldnít talk to anyone, unless they asked me a question first or just said hi. All it took was 2 or 3 Snitches (pukes) to go tell a lie about you, and get you written up, then the Whitehouse treatment was next! They would try to trick you by asking you, hey have you ever thought about running away? Then go say you were talking to them about running away, which was an automatic, Whitehouse-Beating! They couldnít trap me in that, so they started talking about one of the cottage fatherís wives one day to me. Asking if I thought she was pretty? All I said was I had a cousin that looked like her & she was a stewardess with American Airlines, and she was very attractive, as well. So I got squealed on for "Talking about staff women" which was a write up. I wasnít a Grub rank this time, so a reduced rank out of it, was normal judgment, over a beating. However since I only had 2 month before I was scheduled to be released I wondered, about that? After all I didnít say anything about any Staff Women, just about my own cousin that was attractive! A couple of weeks later I was about to finish up my work on Mr. Hutchins, Industrial Arts Crew, I had about an hour left, and was told to go over to see Mr. Hatton. I walked over to his office, and he called me in to talk about my write up. I told him I never talked about staff women, and I only said a lady looked like my cousin an Airline stewardess, that was attractive! He said that if I got a demotion, I would have to stay there another 6 month or longer, however that if they "Took Me Down" I would be left on the release list for February. I thought that if I stayed longer, they would set me up for more beatings, so I agreed to the "Take-Down" to go home as scheduled. I waited about 30 minutes, and Mr. Hatton, and again Mr. Williams showed up & drove me over to the Whitehouse. They unlocked the door & we repeated the first procedure, just like the first time. I think I got about 45 whacks or so, however I had heavier jeans on this time, it still hurt as bad, but didnít do as bad of damage as the first beating, under Mr. Sealander! No blood damage, as the first time I was beaten in 1962. It was time for me to go back to the cottage, and drove me back to Roosevelt cottage when they were done. I got out of the car & walked inside, and one of crumplers (Pukes) asked me why

I was driven back after work. I just said they came to Industrial Arts, and talked to Mr. Hutchins, and offered me a ride to my cottage, so I took it. They went into the bathroom, and looked at the damage, no so bad as like before black & blue, no blood, thank goodness. Still the Snitches (pukes) tried to set me up, but when they asked me anything I would just walk away and not talk to them. I was released on February 18th 1964 that would be the last time I was sent to F.S.B. at Marianna.

I have read some of the stories on the site about Whitehouse abuse at F.S.B., some people can say that they "deserved" the beatings they got, however no child deserved to be beaten! They never (spanked) or (whipped) anyone while I was there! They literally beat the hell out of you, for nothing or next to nothing at all! They out and out "BEAT" kids, causing both physical damage, as well as traumatic psychological damage that will never go away until death. To you few in denial that say YOU deserved to be beaten, well maybe YOU did, but us others DIDNT! When an Inmate wouldnít stay down on the bed during a beating, they would go to the mess hall and get the biggest kids they could find to hold you down on the bed while they really beat an inmate. What part of that sounds like a Jr. High school paddling, in the principals office, with a ping pong paddle? You that say you deserved that type of treatment, are in denial over your White House beatings, my advice to you is to finally go get psychiatric help! Those people beat us kids, and all of their relatives that stick up for these past Criminal Actions, by F.S.B. staff, should all hang your heads in Shame! What these animals named: Hatton, Walters, Sealander, Tidwell, Dixon, Crumpler, and others did would have gotten them the "Death Penalty" in the Military, for war crimes! German soldiers are still getting prosecuted for their war crimes, regardless of their advanced ages. Look at Adolph Eichman, he was in his 80s when he finally got what he deserved for the torture he did to prisoners during W.W.2. Itís been well over 60 years since World War II ended! So these Marianna staff are elderly men now, and into the later years of life, why should they be give a "free Pass" from the Justice they so rightly deserve, for the "Child Abuse" they did to everyone of us Whitehouse recipients? Their Justice has been too long in coming, and needs to be addressed for what it really was, Child Abuse and torture! I want to see Justice served, damn their age!

Eric Utley reu173@peoplepc.com