Charles Fudge

We called it the Ice Cream Factory (I haven't seen that name used in any of the articles, but we called it that because of the assortment of colors our bottoms would be after we were beaten. I was there from 1958 to 1960 in Polk 411. I was 11 years old when I went in.

I remember it just the same as the 3 men in the video, and I told the story of the big fan, and the bed and the dirty pillow to my wife BEFORE we found the website. It makes me sick to see Tidwell's comments that these BEATINGS were spankings! I can still hear his foot turn on the floor to put his whole body into each lash! I'm glad to see that he is alive to see the boys speak the truth. What happened to Mr. Hatton? It doesn't look like he was named in the suit. Feel free to contact me. I'd like to do anything I can to bring justice.

By the way, my brother and I were put there together. It was Mr. Tidwell and Mr. (Robert?) Hatton who did the beatings. Then we had the scout leader who was always drunk. We were riding to a campout in a dump truck and the lever was pulled and we all fell out when the back of the dump went up... we all had stitches in our head and Billy Fur had over 100 stitches in his head because he was up at the top. Mr. Curry asked me some very perverted questions. Anyway, I'm willing to tell my story if it will help in anyway.