This update is as of 17 November 2009, 3:00 P.M. CST. From: Bryant E. Middleton.

Today I spoke with Mr. Greg Hoag, an attorney with Masterson Law Group, concerning the current status of our law suit and Claims Bill. Mr. Hoag indicated they are still awaiting a ruling from the Appeals Court on the motion for change of venue. He indicated once the court makes the decision, they can continue moving forward with the case. Mr. Hoag indicated, they would rather it be sooner than later, of course. Once the suit venue has been determined or finalized they will move on with the Claims Bill too. This is a brief, but current status update according to Mr. Hoag. The law suit is still very active and the attorneys are aggressively pursuing all courses of legal issues to bring it to a positive conclusion. The three law firms representing us are working on a draft for depositions of individual members of our group. Once the draft has been honed and clearly focused on all points pertaining to the suit, they will rapidly move forward with additional issues of our case. This update is not all inclusive but the information provided is current as of today's date.

Secondly, let's address a number of issues which seem to be of concern to many and continues to arise. Numerous members have called or e-mailed me with questions and requested clarifications of rumors they have heard. I want to emphasize, to all, the importance of being sure the information you hear is valid and not disinformation being disseminated to continue the discursive and perpetual diatribes by some. The very best source of information with any issues of the law suit are "The Attorney's" not the rumor mill of web-sites claims or e-mails being spread. I can't express strongly enough the importance of communicating with our lawyers and with obtaining factual information through them, rather than suffering with embellishments or exaggerations of events which continue to hinder real issues. If you have questions or want clarification of a legal matter which pertains to this law suit, please go directly to the best source, our attorney's. Each member of this law suit has 100% client/attorney privilege in discussing matters of this case, please exercise that right.

Next, on a daily basis I hear statements from WHB such as: "What's taking so long?" "Why isn't the FDLE interviewing me?" "This needs to hurry up as I may not live long enough to see anything come of this" "Why aren't the Attorney's........" There are of course additional questions pertaining to status, attorney's position, web links, web-sites and other issues of concern to many. Some of us have been involved with legal matters and law suits before and clearly understand instances of a legal nature take time. There are many issues that must be examined, follow through, validated and this does take an inordinate amount of time. Consider the amount of time that must be devoted to a single clients information, which must be reviewed, discussed, exchanged between members of the law firm and then validated. Now, multiply that by 500+ clients and you certainly will grasp the substantial endeavor our attorney's have undertaken. The court system moves only as fast as the law allows and the Appeals Court in reviewing our appeal, they must consider the law and what's equally "Just" for all concerned. So, please be patient and try to appreciate, that the wheels of justice turn slowly and our attorney's are working with great deliberation on numerous issues. When all is said and done, we shall arrive at the finish line together, no one man more important than another, all equal.

Finally, let me emphasize one more time the importance of contacting the attorney's with your questions, concerns and the disinformation you may have been subjected to from various points. Mr. Hoag has indicated, that in the near future, there will be an active web link to the Masterson Law Group. This new link will enable you to check, as often as you desire, the current status of our case and/or download a questionnaire should you be interested in becoming a new member of the law suit. The link is "Not" being established with any one particular web site or organization, it is the Masterson Law Group link, according to Mr. Hoag. You are not required to be a member of any one group to check the current status or obtaining answers to your questions. If you are in doubt or you have questions, call the attorney's for clarifications, they are your source for information.

I Am Not What Happened To Me, I Am What I Choose To Become.

Bryant E. Middleton