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The White House Boys Organization


The day we walked out of Marianna or Okeechobee, every boy who survived the beatings at the White House earned the right to become a "White House Boy."

White House Boys come from many different backgrounds. Some are white, black, brown, strong, weak, tall, short, sick, well, smart, dumb, fast slow, rich, poor and numerous other faucets.

No matter where we work, play or gather we are always going to meet people who we like and dislike. Our organization is no different, except in one respect. A WHITE HOUSE BOY is a "WHITE HOUSE BOY" and is entitled to receive respect from those of us who know the horrors and fears that lingered behind that White House Door. Most of us have always been denied, or have never known, "unconditional love,"or "respect." Those who were supposed to stand by us (no matter what) turned their backs and we had to survive the sadness and loneliness alone.

There were a few fellows who seem to get under a few of the men"s skin. I too became very upset and aggravated at times. But what we are forgetting that all they wanted from us is what we were there to give in the first place, that being unconditional friendship.

Each boy/man was affected from his FSB or OSB experience in a different manner. For some it might have become a physical, an emotional or even a mental problem. Even considering this; a White House Boy is still entitled to be called a White House Boy.

If we are truly better than those who abused us; we must always be compassionate, understanding and kind to our brothers.

Roger Dean Kiser

Roger Dean Kiser

Roger Dean Kiser has been trying to expose the beatings, rapes and abuses which took place at the Florida Industrial School for Boys at Marianna for almost 17 years. No one would listen. No one could possibly believe that such atrocities could possibly occur in the United States of America. No one would believe that a Nazi Concentration Camp could possibly exist, especially in a facility where young children were being housed and cared for; a place where State of Florida employees were beating, raping and murdering young innocent children and disposing of their bodies in unmarked graves deep in the North Florida Woods.

Published author and Internet writer Roger Dean Kiser's stories take you into the heart of a child abandoned by his family and abused by the system responsible for his care. Through his stories, he relives the sadness and cruelty of growing up an orphan in the early 1950’s.

Today, Kiser lives in Brunswick, Georgia with his wife Judy where he continues to write and publishing most of his work on his Internet web site: click here to visit web site

Since it's beginning, "The American Orphan Web Site" has become one of the most read child abuse web sites in the world. At last count, it had a readership of about 11.8 million since November 1999.

It is through his writing that Kiser has begun healing the pain, suffering and sadness of the orphan within him. Unknowingly at first and by the power of the Internet, Kiser's short stories have touched millions.

In the vein of Mark Twain, Roger Dean Kiser's collection of almost 1,000 stories has captured the drama and emotion of not only his childhood, but also his current day tales. Kiser's short stories carry with them strong images and feelings that search out and find that common thread which connects each of us to our own emotions.

Roger Dean Kiser is the author of the books "Orphan, A True Story of Abandonment, Abuse and Redemption," "American Orphan," "RUNAWAY, Life on the streets-The Lessons Learned," The White House Boys-=An American Tragedy," "The Truth-You Decide," "Helping your fellowman," "American Orphan," "My America," "The Destruction of Youth," "Child abuse lasts a lifetime," "Orphanages, reform schools, jails and prisons," "Paying it forward," "My black America" and numerous other publications in countries all around the world.

Roger will never forget how he and many other children were treated as though they were less than human while living at the Children's Home Society Orphanage in Jacksonville, Florida and the Florida School for Boys at Marianna during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Roger's short stories have also been published in books and magazines around the world. Publications such as: Chicken Soup for the Grandparent's Soul, Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul, Chicken Soup for the Caregiver's Soul (2), Chicken Soup for the Friend's Soul, Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul, Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul, Chicken Soup for the Grandma's Soul, Chicken Soup for the Adopted Soul (USA), Chicken Soup for the Soul: Stories to Soothe the Spirit (2)(USA), Heartwarmers (USA), Heartwarmers of Love (USA), A Cool Collection I and A Cool Collection II (Israel), Connections-Textbook and CD Rom (Israel), Faith & True Stories of Friendship (USA), Teen Miracles (USA), Man's Best Friend (Australia), The Next Voice You Hear (USA), Soul Disclosures (USA), Dog Buddies (Australia), Skyline Magazine IV (USA), Venice, Gulf Coast Living, Petwarmers CD Collection (USA), Kiwanis Magazine, as well as his own CD titled "The Life and Times of Roger Dean Kiser."

Roger's short story "The Bully" was made into a short film by Executive Producer Edward Asner (Mary Tyler Moore Show), and has been entered into several major film festivals in the United States.

Between Edward Asner’s bustling, award winning career and a busy political agenda, the actor has still made himself available to lend his support and voice to Roger Dean Kiser.

Asner is credited as a factor in the publishing of Kiser’s first book Orphan in 2001 and was the Executive Producer on the short film The Bully adapted from the Kiser short story by the same name. More recently, he recorded two of Kiser’s works: “Butterflies?and “Elvis Died at the Florida Barber College?as audio stories for the CD "The Life and Times of American Orphan-Roger Dean Kiser." Asner has also been very supportive in the development of a possible feature film or television series based on Kiser’s stories.

Roger is also a contributing author to such sites as Reader's Digest Daily (USA), (New York), (USA), (USA), (USA), (USA), On Line Magazine (USA), Faith For Living (USA), BWFA Surviving Abuse (USA), A short film (Elvis Died At The Florida Barber College) by Freddie Francis (Cinematography-The Elephant Man) completed at Surrey University in England, The Independent Voice (USA), The Sermon Illustrator (USA), Triumph Over Tragedy (USA), After Hours Inspirational (USA), East of the Web, Wilmington Blues (USA), Top Writers (USA), Sunday Gazette, Hope and Inspiration, Over Coming Obstacles, A Good News Broadcast, Venice Gulf Coast Living, The Spirit (Canada), For the Love of Children (USA), Insight of the day, Hope and Spirit, The Independent Voice, Plup Comment, Last Words, Rainbows to the Heart, Suite 101, Dream Stalker, Association of Child Abuse Lawyers,, Click to your Heart, Save our children, Dawn’s House, Inside Reports, Short, Story Guides, Online Magazine, Wildeyed Stories, International War Veteran’s Site, Top Writers, Non Fiction Best, Florida Reviews, Spiritual Sisters, The Reading Room, The Free Republic, To Be A Blessing, Another Way and 52 best (USA), Child abuse lawyers, AngelKiss, Wild-side darksorrow, Wirenot., Top write corner,, Deaf today, Dream stalker. Create peace at home, Angels ghosts, Hope and spirit,, sfpnn, Workers for Jesus, Broadway World, Pearlsoup, Cyberside, Speak up, Heavenly Ideas, Eaglecreek, Rickhershberger., Zona-Pellucida, Street roots, Glurge, Rusted-crush, The Jason Program, The Child Advocate, Razor Creek,, Human Dignity, Equinesite, Life challenges, Fatherhood, Charityfocus, Zinester, GOOD NEWS, Motivational and Inspirational Resources, Magickal Kingdom, Inside reports, Classicist, Male Abuse Survivors, Prison Stories & Issues Magazine, Song Images, Kinokuniya BookWeb (Japan), Moggies (United Kingdom), Life Challenges, Story House, Dig-A-Hitch, International War Veterns,The Vibrant Universe, The Green Apple, Butterfly Magazine, GPC Educational, IWAPC International, CyberWit (India), Movites, Child Abuse Lawyers Association, Pets Site, In Jesus, Human Healing, Teacher Inspirations, Homestead, The Golden Rule, Apex Learning, Orphans Home Library, To Be A Blessing, SFFPN, The Journal, After Hours Magazine, The Living Studio, The News Index, Arizona Educational Magazine, Survivors Journal, The Florida Times Union.

Roger heartwarming stories have received positive comments from the Vatican, Michael Landon, Edward Asner, Dave Thomas, Paul Lynde, Rick Pamplin, President Gerald Ford and Charles Krualt.